Sphere Standing Desk
Sphere Executive Height Adjustable Desk by Focal Upright
Sphere Desk pictured with accessories and shelf (all sold separately)

A height-adjustable, angle-adjustable desk with even more elbow room
Starts At: $1,699.00

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Features More Tech Specs
Desk top tilts from flat to 15 degrees to accommodate digital and analog work.
Precision-made German hand crank effortlessly lifts and lowers the desk.
Available in 4 different laminate and veneer finishes.
With 6 feet of desk space, we call this the "Command Center". Comes with removable black neoprene desk mat.
Lightweight and sustainably sourced aluminum legs provide a solid base.
Built in cup holders can hold beverages, pens, or convert to LED light.

LED Worklight Kick Balance Board Cable Management Tray Sphere Shelf
Our Price: $179.00
Our Price: $109.00
Our Price: $79.00
Our Price: $299.00
Ergonomic LED Worklight by Focal Upright Kick Balance Board by Safco Products Cable Management Tray by Focal Upright Sphere Standing Desk Shelf by Focal Upright
iMac Bracket
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iMac Bracket by Focal Upright