Confluence Table
Confluence Height Adjustable Conference Table by Focal Upright

An adjustable-height conference table that energizes meetings, making them shorter and more productive (available in 2 tabletop sizes)
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Bad news: most meetings are serious snoozefests. Good news: they don't have to be.

What's the secret to shorter, more productive, more creative collaboration sessions? No more chairs. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Your meeting space sets the tone for your meeting. Ditch your passive conference room set-up and huddle up around Confluence, the active standing-height conference table instead.

The Confluence Table is an adjustable-height conference table that acts as an energy boost for your team. The tabletop effortlessly glides up and down by turning the small hand crank on the desk's frame. A foot rest bar provides extra comfort while standing or using a Focal Upright seat. The design is effortlessly sleek, modern and agile. What's more the Confluence Table is now available in 2 table top sizes, so it's easier than ever to find a table that fits your meeting space. Don't need adjustable-height functionality?

Bring all of the benefits of standing desks to the conference room with Confluence.

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