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Alphabetter Desk by Safco Active
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There is a direct correlation between student performance, ergonomics and physical activity - that's where the Alphabetter® fits in.
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Meet the Desk Why Stand? Ovations
With the AlphaBetter® Desk, students have the option to sit, stand or alternate between the two while using the swinging footrest to redirect fidgeting behavior, all while potentially improving their concentration and expanding energy.
Physical Activity and LearningAre Connected
Standing desks create the foundation for a movement-rich environment,
and as one researcher put it, physical activity is cognitive candy.
- Dr. Mark Benden, Texas A&M
Positive effects of standing desk classrooms include:

Greater student

test scores


Improvement in
classroom behavior

Healthy-weight kids burn between 15-25% more calories at standing desks than at sitting desks.*
Obese kids burn between 25-30% more calories at standing desks than at sitting desks.*
Standing may help prevent orthopedic degradation & dysfunction including back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction and knee & hip disorders.*
Teachers and parents may also see ergonomic benefits because they do not need to bend at the waist to work with their students.
*Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, and author of "Get Up! Why You Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About it".
What Students AND Teachers Are Saying
"The desk gives students the opportunity to move, be more focused and comfortable. When you achieve this, you automatically have students learning more."
- Dr. Robert Weaver Weaver Center, Wayland, MA

"I use standing stations everyday. Here are what ways I think they helped me during MCA math and reading tests. I think they helped me stay motivated and awake. It's hard to remember what normal desks are like, because I've gotten so used to standing stations... This year I felt like if I couldn't figure a question out I could just pace around the station and it would help. The tests seemed a lot easier this year."
- Luke, 6th Grade Student

"Changes I have seen since having the desks... I see that the students I have placed in the desks are more alert. I purposely placed several students that have a hard time focusing and staying awake in the desks and standing for class has definitely made a difference in their engagement. The students in the stations are rarely caught spacing out as well."
- High School English Teacher, Minnesota, MN
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